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November 17, 2004

Language Oriented Programming - Article

My article about Language-oriented programming is published at our company's site.

Special thanks to Rob Harwood, who helped me a lot with writing the article!
Actually the process of writing the article was the following: I explained to Rob what I want to see in the given paragraph, then he wrote the text, the we have edited it together, I commented on the text, he changed it again and so on. With my poor English and lack of experience in writing articles I could never finsh this article without Rob's help.

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Starting the Blog!

So, I'm starting a new weblog, hope to make it active and interesting.
It is not my first attempt to start weblog in English. Last year I've posted few messages to this weblog. I also have a weblog in Russian on LiveJournal and there were several big discussions about the new programming paradigm.

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